Hi! My name is Robert Growy. Sports is one thing that keeps me going how much ever stressful my work life is. Being a former cricket instructor, I believe sports and active physical workouts impact your mental health as well.  

But to play an exhausting game like cricket, you need to be in line with its physical requirements. And, it was then when I got passionate about rowing machines.

Today, I don’t have to splurge on innumerable gym instruments for targeted exercises, and now my love for fitness and exercises flow in harmony with my health. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to better your lifestyle and health, and we believe rowing machines can do wonders in achieving that. These are not only easy to use, but the right variant can transform your body in incredible ways leaving you as the fittest version of yourself. 

We also aim to bring you the latest and apt rowing machines, so that you can burn calories, gain muscular strength, improve posture and tone your entire body without any worry. 

So, if you are as enthusiastic about fitness as we are – get the ball rolling, or should we say “rowing” today

Your appreciation and feedback keep us motivated and we work twice as hard to meet your expectations and bring quality experiences to your life.