Getting in shape has never felt so intense! Working out on the Proform 750R Rowing Machine is a different experience altogether. Its hybrid build makes it a device that feels surreal to use. The silent magnetic resistance, the smart display, and a plethora of other such incredible features ensure that your workout is seamless from start to finish. Unlike several other rowers, the Proform 750R Rowing Machine tops the charts in terms of both design and operation! It boasts a sleek design and a sleeker magnetic system that keeps your workout quiet, hassle-free, and smooth. However, how does it measure against the industry-best rower – Hydrow? Let’s find out.

Air and water-based rower machines often have trouble in terms of noise and resistance. When you consider a long-term relationship with rowing machines, you’re going to be looking at a lot of frequent repairs! The best way to avoid this is by investing in an optimally built rower device like the Hydrow or the Proform 750R. 

What you need to know about the Proform 750R Rowing Machine

Proform is known for manufacturing cutting-edge rowers and the 750R is the best of them! Taking the performance up a notch from the Proform 440 R Rower, this machine flaunts 24 levels of resistance, eliminating both noise and inefficiency from your daily workout routine. However, unlike the Hydrow, this rower can get a little area-heavy – so watch your interior real estate before buying! To optimize your time spent on this machine, you’ll need an iFit workout tablet – but is it worth the big bucks? You can get a better deal with a 22-inch Hydrow display! The Proform 750 R rowing machine’s iFit lets you train live with the iFit trainer during rower workouts. This is as next-level as workouts get, but comes with a hefty price-tag! Do you want the deal of the century? Get a FREE machine mat with your Hydrow rower purchase if you do it now (along with free shipping)! If you are a long-term workout fanatic, this is an offer you can’t refuse.  

Let’s take an in-depth look at the features of the Proform 750R Rowing Machine:

  • Get for free: With a 3-year iFit subscription, you can get the Proform 750R Rowing Machine for free! But that’s a long-term commitment, unlike with Hydrow’s rowers.
  • Store easily: Despite the Proform 750R Rowing Machine’s large footprint, it can be folded and comes with wheels that help with moving it too – but this rower does get chunky. 
  • Futuristic design: Both the Proform 750R and the Hydrow rowers boast incredible design.
  • Noiseless resistance: The Proform 750R Rowing Machine is powered by magnetic resistance, but with the Hydrow, you get true noise-less workouts! 
  • iFit tablet: With the iFit tablet, you get access to several workouts both on and off your machine. But for the true hard-core rower, Hydrow’s smart display is what cuts it!  
  • Comfortable seating: When exercising on a rower, having good seating is of paramount importance to avoid back troubles, and both the Proform 750R Rowing Machine and the Hydrow come with comfortable seats, adjustable handlebars, and foot straps for the most seamless rower experience! 

Proform 750R Rowing Machine Specs: 

Enjoy an immersive workout experience on the Proform 750R Rowing Machine that comes with a 5” display. An ergonomic build ensures you are comfortable in all positions, at all times. This rower can carry up to 250lbs of weight and comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame and 1 for the parts. However, with the Hydrow rower, you get a far better warranty, specs, and performance in the long run. 

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Want to get in pro form? Check the rave reviews Hydrow rowers get. Try out the Hydrow for yourself and see why it is leagues ahead of other rowing machines! Buy yours today. Also, we’ve covered few basic exercises in the Stamina Body Trac Glider post!

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