If you’re in the market looking to buy a rowing machine, the first question that’ll make room in your mind is, “is magnetic better, or is an air rowing machine the right choice?” While both are essentially the same in terms of the muscle groups they affect, the difference lies in the finer details. Things like noise levels, data accuracy, and machine weights might vary between magnetic and air rowing machines. So it is crucial you read this and understand which rowing machine (The Hydrow or Kettler’s, in this case) would work best for your needs! A rowing machine is a huge investment, so it’s best to do it right the first time around. 

What makes Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M Better Buy over Hydrow

Designed with elegance and made in Germany with high-quality materials, the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M is definitely a must-buy for workout fanatics. Boasting a durable carbon-coated steel frame, this rowing machine is a beast. It’s so sturdy you will wonder why it comes with a lifetime warranty! It might not be foldable but the wheels on the bottom help with moving it around and storing it upright. You’ll be surprised to know that both the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M and the Hydrow are cordless! All you need is some batteries and you can move it around without any hassle.

You can view all the necessary data on this machine’s digital dashboard-like, time, energy consumption, pulse rate, strokes, etc. The Hydrow also boasts a similar feature with its 22” touchscreen display! The Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M also comes equipped to provide multiple exercise options. By using the Quick Attach backboard innovatively, you can try up to 16 different exercises! One of the primary concerns most customers have is the comfort a rowing machine can provide. The Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M and Hydrow come with footplates that aid with natural pivoting motions for seamless rowing and a padded seat for your comfort while working out. If you want even more features, come and check our Proform rowing machine review!

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that make the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M and the Hydrow worth buying:

  • Seamless data monitoring: Both the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M and the Hydrow boast an LCD display, you can monitor data on this easily. 
  • Cardio rate monitoring: Measure your cardio wellness on these machines after every workout through the in-built heart-rate monitors that you can review. 
  • Smoother braking: The resistance in the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M can be manually controlled through a tension knob, making for a better workout experience. 
  • Comfortable exercising: You can exercise with incredible comfort on this machine. With its optimally placed supports and padded seats, using the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M feels like gliding on air! 
  • Easy to maintain: You won’t have to spend on maintenance since both Kettler and Hydrow come with ball-bearings that ensure the seat glides smoothly. 
  • Vertical storing: Store the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M and the Hydrow vertically and move them around conveniently with attached wheels! 
  • Long-lasting build: The chrome-plated rails on this machine ensure it lasts a long time!
  • Range of exercises: Quite possibly the best benefit of buying a Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M, this machine allows you to indulge in 16 different exercises by using the two easy attachable plates! 
  • Comes with a warranty: The parts on both also come with generous warranties! 

About Kettler Coach M

The machine weighs 96 lbs and has a weight limit of up to 285 lbs. It measures 81”x21”x27” and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame with a 3-year warranty on the parts. The resistance system on the Kettler Rowing Machine Coach M makes it very easy to use and is no doubt the perfect long-term investment! And don’t forget to do some stretching after your workout! Yoga is a great option, and we’ve additionally prepared a few things to get you started:

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